Last year’s HTC U11 was one of the more stunning devices we have seen in recent times. According to a new leak it looks like HTC are not straying too far from this design finish in their upcoming U12.

According to a trusted source of HTCSource this year’s HTC flagship will keep the same Liquid Surface design language as 2017’s U11. The 2017 Liquid Surface design included a metal frame with curved glass slapped on the front and rear of it. The Liquid Surface design on this year’s U12 will apparently improve on last year’s with a few “unique characteristics” but it is unclear exactly what these are at this stage. The U12 will retain this metal frame within the glass surface though.

Although the new Liquid Surface feature was not expanded upon the source did mention that one of the colours included for the HTC U12 would be a “new matte white finish” — which is still glass….

Their source also confirmed that the fingerprint sensor will be located on the rear of the device along with a rear dual camera setup. For those who missed it the other day, the apparent specs for the HTC U12 leaked and it seems to include every single thing anyone could realistically ask for:

The HTC U12 is ramping up to be a magnificent device, one I am really looking forward to getting my hands on. After we gave the U11 a glowing review the U12 could well be one to look out for in the near future.

Source: HTCSource.
Via: 9to5Google.