Google Duo is surprisingly one of my favourite Google apps of late, and it’s getting better today with the addition of Voice Messages.

It’s basically a video voice mail you can leave when someone you call on Duo doesn’t pick up the phone.

The option to leave a video message pops up when someone is unavailable, tap the Leave a Video Message and a 3-second timer counts down and you then record your message. You can preview your message once recorded by tapping ‘Play’ at the end and either re-record it or send it.

The person receiving the Video Message will see the message next to the contact who sent it’s name. The message can be downloaded or they can delete the message or choose to call the person back. The message remains available for 24 hours if you don’t choose to download it.

Google says that Video Messages in Duo will begin rolling out to both iOS and Android users from today, but will take a few days to arrive on handsets globally.

Google Meet
Google Meet
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Source: Google.
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    Wayne Moore

    That’s a nice touch. I use Duo a little bit and keep meaning to use it more.