The dust has barely settled on Mobile World Congress and the announcement of the first round of devices which will utilise Qualcomm’s flagship 2018 System OnChip (SoC), the Snapdragon 845, but it seems that details on the Snapdragon 855 are already coming out.

The Snapdragon 855 as it will be called (kind of expected really), will be coming later this year/early next year and will be built on the new 7nm manufacturing process which should in theory be bringing some power improvements based simply on that improved efficiency alone. The specifics of features on the SoC have come out thanks to a briefing by Softbank, which was shared by Roland Quandt of

The SDX50 is the new 5G modem that Qualcomm announced last year, and given that 2019 is the first year we’ll begin seeing the emergence of 5G technologies it fits that the next generation of phones will require that modem.

Exactly what the Fusion Platform is hasn’t been announced as yet, though could be some sort of new conglomeration of their Hexagon DSP, AI improvements and their next gen Kyro CPU and Adreno GPU.

Whatever else the SD855 will include will likely see an announcement later this year before starting to appear in phones and other devices early next year.

Source: Roland Quandt.