Thursday , April 19 2018

Google officially renames Android Wear to Wear OS by Google

It seems Google is on a renaming rampage with Google Pay recently replacing Android Pay. Now the search and advertising giant is renaming their wearable operating system from Android Wear to Wear OS by Google. Why the change? According to the launch release Google wanted their wearable OS to express the flexibility and inter-operability of the platform; i.e. support for multiple operating systems and device form factors.

In the announcement Google promises more exciting developments in the wearable space ahead. Traditionally Android Wear has powered only smartwatches and with Baselword (an annual watch and jewellery show) starting next week hopefully we will see a few new wearables, perhaps even ones with all of the Wear 2.0 features included.

However there’s just a hint that Google is hoping to pivot Wear OS into more wearable form factors. Could we be seeing lower power devices such as fitness trackers or perhaps an entirely new line of devices in the near future? Personally I’m not holding my breath, Google really seems to have abandoned the Wear category, but perhaps this is the beginning of a renewed push and interest from Google.

While this looks to be little more than Google slapping their name more prominently on one of their products and perhaps trying to appeal to the iOS crowd a little more, I’m going to dream of seeing a range of new Wear OS devices internationally released. These devices will of course feature NFC payments, 3 buttons, a digital crown, AMOLED displays, always on display, two day battery life and wireless charging: all in multiple beautiful designs using non proprietary bands! Call me a dreamer.

You can check out the latest Android Developers video on Wear OS by Google below or drop by the new website here.

Source: Google.

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3 Comments on "Google officially renames Android Wear to Wear OS by Google"

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Ausdroid Reader

I have one word to explain all of this: Fuchsia!

You heard it first here!

Ausdroid Reader

All things seem to be pointing towards Google making a universal OS

Ausdroid Reader

Seems like Android is becoming a dirty word for Google 😂

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