+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

After announcing earlier this year they would be slowing down their cycle of launching phones, LG is apparently set to push ahead with launching the LG G7, as well as a V40 model phone this year albeit later than normal.

The information is from Korean news site, ETNews, who said that the G7 and G7 Plus is set to launch in late April, or early May, with the LG V40 (or possibly the G7S) following in November. The schedule is around 2-3 months behind their usual announcement/release schedule for their premium level G and V-series phones.

Specs for the G7 are rumoured to include a Snapdragon 845 SoC and a rear panel that includes dual-cameras (possibly 16MP) and a fingerprint sensor. The LG G7 Neo which leaked at Mobile World Congress shows that LG is looking to include a notch in their phone screen design, so we may see this affectation on their main G-series phones.

With all this new hardware on board, pricing for a new LG G7 is rumoured to be rising as well with ETNews speculating an almost ₩1 million Korean Won price tag – equivalent to almost $1,200 Australian dollars.

Along for the ride on the G7 (and which ever other models are announced) will be the new Voice and Vision AI improvements announced alongside the V30s at Mobile World Congress, which integrate commands with Google Voice along with their new image recognition technology.

Source: ETNews.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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> With all this new hardware on board, pricing for a new LG G7 is rumoured to be rising as well

Haven’t they realised yet they need to cut their prices, that prices north of $1000 are yesterday’s news?

There is nothing about Snapdragon 845s, or dual cameras, or fingerprint sensors that are going to make notched phones worth that much. Particularly LG phones.

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