There’s been some movement at the station with Banks, Credit Untions, and financial institutions in Australia supporting Google Pay this week, there’s some new names, but not all of them are ‘New’ new. Some are the same banks with a new name.

The Google Pay support page lists 57 institutions in total. We noted on Saturday that Central Coast Credit Union had joined the ranks offering Google Pay as an option to their customers, but that’s not the whole story. There’s been some name changes and mergers of banks, so it’s time to check out what’s what.

To start with, the institution we knew as QT Mutual Bank has now merged with RACQ, a bonus for RACQ members as they’re now listed as having access to Google Pay with support for RACQ Bank Visa Debit card.

Also changing names is Select ENCOMPASS Credit Union Limited, which is now known as Endeavour Mutual Bank.

The Rock has also announced that they merged with MyState Limited and have been removed from the Google Pay Support page – though they still offer Google Pay support and operate on their own name.

And finally, what we missed the other day is that Wyong Shire Credit Union Limited is now Central Coast Credit Union.

That ties all those up nicely, but we do have another new entry joining the Google Pay ranks, with Latitude Financial Services now offering Google Pay Support to their members.

Latitude Financial Services is now offering Google Pay – well, as you can see above they’re saying Android Pay on their site – on three cards: Latitude Mastercard, Latitude Low Rate Mastercard and Latitude Eco Mastercard. The setup procedure for Latitude members is the same, download the Google Pay app on your phone, and enter your card number or use the camera to get it automatically. There is the possibility that you’ll need to verify the addition with Latitude advising they may ask you to call us or send you a verification code via SMS.

Once setup, Google Pay is available at hundreds of thousands of NFC enabled terminals Australia wide. Members can purchase goods up to $100 with no action, but will have to enter a pin for purchases above $100.

If you’re on board with any of these banks, credit unions or financial institutions, you’re ready to go. Download the Google Pay app from Google Pay and try it out.

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