It feels like only yesterday that Ausdroid was starting out, but that feeling is wrong. Ausdroid is, in fact, eight years old today, with our first post appearing on the 20th of March, 2010. In that eight years, we’ve seen a hell of a lot of changes, and here’s just a short list:

  • Ausdroid’s team grew from one (Buzz), to two, and then up to almost a dozen at its highest, and back down to a steady number of (ironically) eight.
  • Ausdroid went from being (literally) a hobby to being a (micro) small business.
  • We went from begging for attention from manufacturers and other brands to having strong, robust relationships with all mobile manufacturers, carriers, and others in the personal technology space.
  • We’ve gone from dreaming of attending Google I/O to regular attendance over the last three years, and we’ll be back this year, too.
  • We’ve been at Mobile World Congress for the last four years, too. We’ve attended other major trade shows like CES and IFA, as well.
  • As a team we’ve written some 17,000 articles covering all manner of topics from smartphones, mobile technology, laptops, gaming, apps, and more.

As with any team endeavour, things change over time. Some of us have had more time to write stories for you all, and others have had less. That availability has changed over time, because Ausdroid has never been a full-time job for any of us (though, to be fair, it has required many hours of work a week for many years to make it what it is today).

Many of Ausdroid’s writers today, though, have been with us since very early days. Dan, Jason and Phil were some very early invitees to join the Ausdroid team, followed closely by Scott. Duncan, Alex and Neerav are all relatively more recent team members, but their contributions are still valued, too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who has contributed to making Ausdroid great, and allowing me (and my team) to indulge in what is arguably one of the most enjoyable, addictive and rewarding hobbies out there. Tech journalism isn’t something anyone would do for money – because even those in salaried roles do it for love, not money.

We do it because we enjoy it, because we love breaking news and bringing it to you guys – our audience.

We love trying out new stuff, giving good and bad feedback to brands, and ultimately seeing that feedback taken on board to bring a better product to the customer. We’ve built ourselves a reputation as honest, genuine reviewers, both with our audience and also with major brands – when we give feedback, they listen, and when they can, they incorporate and improve.

Special mention needs to be made to our families, friends, partners and children. They put up with an awful lot – some might say too much – to allow us to pursue this endeavour. Overseas trips where partners are left with kids, working on stories when other things need to be done too, and helping us film, photograph and video our work. There’s the little things too, like signing for courier deliveries, checking the PO Box, and offering a critical eye for things that get missed.

Without them, this production simply wouldn’t exist.

So, to our families, our writing team, to our friends and partners in industry, and last (but not least) to our fabulous audience:

Thank you. We hope you’ll join us in the comments for a bit of a “celebration” as it were.

We’ve also got some swag to give away:

  • A couple of large Android figurines and sticker sets, from MWC 2018.
  • A 4,000 mAh Type C USB power bank, Android branded, of course.
  • 3D Printed Android Oreo

Simply leave a comment, and we’ll pick some we like to receive some swag!

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Congratulations to the whole team on 8 excellent years. It is always refreshing to read the latest technology news and reviews with that spicy Australian flavour! Keep it coming!


Happy Birthday Ausdroid. All Intelligence comes from this site when it comes to reviews, specs, news on new releases, upcomings, and general news! I have been Android since the good ol’ Crackberry days! Never considering once going to the fruit known as Apple! Last 6 years 3 handsets all thoroughly researched and considered from this site alone! Happy Birthday again!

Lucas Burnett

Happy birthday Ausdroid. I was privileged enough to be member number 3. It was one of the best and greatest experiences of my life. I met some great people and forged some friendships that will last forever. Along the way we had some great members and memories including Geoff Fieldew and Matty Booth. I still remember the first podcast and then the next 50 and then to episode 100 which I was privileged enough to be invited back for. All I can say is thank you, thank you to Buzz and Chris and Dan for being the best caretakers of… Read more »


Happy Birthday Ausdroid team. Just a shout out to show my appreciation, this website is a great resource. Something that comes to mind is that I first read about the Xiaomi Mi Band here, went and bought one and I’m still wearing it today. I now own a bunch of Xiaomi gadgets as well. But of course, Android phone news is the main reason I come here! Thanks, Ausdroid!

Phill Edwards

Happy birthday Ausdroid! If it hadn’t been for you I would never have met my beloved OnePlus 5.


And don’t forget Awarded!!
Well done guys, keep up the great work!!

Aus resa

Happy Bday Ausdroid,
You been a vital part of my IT news updates from OZ and around the world for past 3-4 years.
Hope all of you will be continuing with your awesome work for coming years.

Philip Clark

Happy birthday guys, well done in achieving the rarified air of being one of the 5 sites I visit every day without fail (awards ceremony TBA)

Robert Blackstock

Well done team Ausdroid! Thanks for all your hard work and great articles.

Ronak Patel

Congratulations Ausdroid and team! You guys are doing super awesome work bringing technology news to Australian population. Ausdroid is one of the few ones I visit first thing in the morning. Keep up the good work!

Peter Verwey

Been with you guys since the start. CONGRATS on what you have achieved and all the best for many more years to come.


Congratulations guys! You’ve been one of my favourite tech news sites for years and it’s great to hear you on some of the TwiT podcasts too.

Kunal Gandhi

Happy bday Ausdroid!

Peter Kelley

Congratulations guys. I just realised that Ausdroid was founded the same year my son was born and then realised what a part of the “furniture” of my information reading it has become. Keep up the good work and I know I will find out about my next phone right here.

Paul Miller

Happy birthday, a great achievement.

Reuben Fergusson

You guys have been a staple for info on Android and Android in the Aus market. Since I moved here recently its been very helpful.

Nathan Greenway

Congratulations to everyone at Ausdroid! It’s great having an Australian perspective on things regarding Android.

Luke Roberts

Happy birthday guys!

You know the best thing about turning 8? It doesn’t matter which end of the cake you sit on, it still says 8!!

The only issue is that you turn 9 next year… and that means, for the wrong person, they go back to being 6…

Keep fighting the good fight and thank you all soooo much for the time and energy you put into the site to keep the likes of me entertained and informed during our lunch breaks!

Peace out.


Just had a look back at Ausdroid’s first review – Xperia X10 (by Buzz). Reminded my that you saved my bacon on the Xperia Z5. In 2016 I was ready to ditch my iPhone 5 and get my first Android Phone. Your “Why we took our time on reviews of the Sony Xperia Z5 series” (Chris, 4 March 2016) and review on the Z5’s stopped me in my tracks. I abandoned my plan to by a Z5 during my trip to Sydney. Got a Galaxy S7 instead (despite dislike of TouchWiz on my old Galaxy TAB) – loved it –… Read more »


Thanks for being the go-to resource for all things Android/Google in Australia. I really like seeing news about what’s changing in Android and then seeing you guys with an article explaining ‘This is what it will mean for Australians’ (though usually that means wait 6 months =))


Happy Birthday, Guys.

Wishing you many more years of fantastic coverage.


Happy Birthday. 8 years have gone quick. Really appreciate your Australian slant on Android (and related) news. Also enjoy Ausdroid staff appearances on AAA., giving those guys a more international insight. Keep up the good fight.


I’ve been reading your blog even before I’ve moved to Sydney. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Raja Islam

سالگرہ مبارک ہو This is how we say happy birthday in urdu (Y)


Happy birthday! I can’t start my day without checking in to see what is new in the Ausdroid world. Occasionally I wander off to look at other Android news sites but I always find myself disappointed after being spoiled by the quality of writing and opinion here. Keep it up gents.


Since moving to Sydney 3 years ago from overseas Ausdroid has been an invaluable source of all things Android (and more). Congratulations on making it to the big 8, and here’s to many more birthday’s to come.


Happy Birthday guys! Loving Ausdroid, here’s to another 8 years!


congrats on 8 years guys, well done. Looking forward to the next 8 🙂


It has been an interesting 8 years and some funny comments in here as well as interesting personalities that have come and gone.
Still doing a great job guys. Thanks for all the work.