Image Credit: Engadget

Image Credit: Engadget

In a very welcome piece of news for commuters, Google has today announced that they’re adding support for transit passes and tickets, starting with the Las Vegas Monorail (LVM).

The addition allows commuters in Las Vegas to purchase a ticket online from the Las Vegas Monorail website, save it to Google Pay, then use their phone to ride the rail. Like making purchases in Google Pay, there’s no need to open the app, it’s just tap and done.

Once you save your ticket, the Google Pay app will show information including recent transactions, trips, or the location of the nearest Monorail station.

The Las Vegas Monorail uses NXP’s MIFARE contactless technology, a technology that’s also used to power the contactless Opal cards in Sydney, and Myki in Victoria on their transport systems. Google says that the technology will come to more cities soon, and while that’s not countries, we can hope it will arrive here soon.

Source: Google.