Last year IKEA unleashed their AR app into the world but unfortunately it did not land on Android at the time. Now that Google have taken their ARCore out of dev preview all the apps and hitting Android, including the IKEA Place app.

The new IKEA Place app allows you to test out their products in your home before you purchase by ‘placing’ each item in the locations you expect them to live. Simply search for the item you want, then select “try in your place”.

As with all ARCore apps the room needs to be well-lit and the app’s viewfinder pointed at the empty floorspace you are proposing to put the new IKEA furniture. Then you just click place and you can then walk around the room seeing how the chair looks in amongst the furniture already there. You can also place more than one IKEA item in the viewfinder at a time.

Not only can you use the app to see how furniture will look in your abode but you can also use it to find matching IKEA furniture. Point the viewfinder at the item and the app will then search the catalogue looking for IKEA items that are similar.

Luckily Google are promoting AR apps strongly at the moment because if you try and search for it (IKEA, IKEA Place) the Play Store will never find it: luckily we have placed the widget below as well as the hyperlink above.

If you like your IKEA furniture head on over and check it out before your next big purchase — no more buyers remorse.

IKEA Place
IKEA Place
Price: Free
Source: IKEA Place.