+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

Since MWC where Google unveiled their fully fledged, no longer dev preview ARCore to the world we have seen a large number of Android apps appear using it. Today eBay have announced that they have incorporated ARCore into their app.

When selling items on eBay the postage is often difficult to calculate but now eBay are giving the option of using AR to determine the size box required for postage. Unfortunately it only gives USPS flat rate boxes and is only available on compatible devices in the US at the moment.

After selecting AR within the app it locates the surface which has your item on it. you then select the box you think would fit said item and place it over the top of the item. Of course you can then move around and/or rotate the box to determine if your item fits within the box. From here you can then calculate the postage required to ship the item.

By coupling Google’s ARCore platform with premiere AR technology built at eBay, we are continuing to make the selling experience more seamlessJames Meeks, Head of Mobile, eBay


The new feature is live now for US users and looks to be a useful way to incorporate ARCore into the basic functionality of an app. Hopefully eBay will eventually roll it out to Australian users in the near future.

Source: eBay Inc..

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