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Sometimes it is onerous to subscribe to websites for premium content, having to enter and re-enter your passwords, user names and credit card numbers each time, and then you need to sign in on each device you own. Today Google have introduced a way to streamline this subscription process with the introduction of Subscribe with Google.

With Subscribe with Google you will no longer have to make up user names, passwords, nor enter credit card details into the website. All you need to do is subscribe and choose the Subscribe with Google option. The subscription can be charged to any credit card that you have used with Google in the past.

The billing process is handled by Google and when you want to access that content you just use “Sign in with Google” option and your subscription and preferences are there for you to use.

Google gave an example of it working with the Miami Herald but, unusually for many of Google’s releases, it is available immediately in several countries throughout the world. The good news is that it is available here through any Fairfax Media publication online. If you want a list of the Fairfax Media publications head over to their website — the list is extensive.

The idea behind Subscribe with Google is to make it easier for you to access premium content and to remove the paywall impedance from publishers that can limit subscription numbers. Not only does it make it easier but it also improves your Google searches with your subscribed sources showing up in their own module on the Google Search results page.

Google are ever-expanding their reach into our lives to improve their knowledge of you and then return that knowledge by providing you relevant information when you need it. This looks to be a great way to do it — customising your personal search results even more and all your subscriptions in one place as a bonus.

Are you someone who subscribes to premium content online? Do you think this will help?

Source: Google blog.

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Wayne Moore
Ausdroid Reader

I can see that I will use this for sure. Sometimes you want something that has a small cost but you just can’t be bothered to go through the process – moreso than that you don’t think the content is worth it. If I could just make a couple of clicks and connect with my existing Google account and let Google manage the payments, then I will certainly use this.

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