Alcatel has today announced that they’re adding a new cyber security option to their upcoming range of smartphones, with a new partnership with Australian operated Family Zone. The partnership will see owners of the new range of phones offered the option to install the Mobile Zone security suite allowing them easy access to keeping their kids safe online.

As a father, Alcatel Australia MD Sam Skontos is spearheading the drive to offer parents the option to install Mobile Zone as part of the setup process. Mr Skontos is a keen user of the Mobile Zone product, saying

My passion around today’s announcement stems from a very personal experience for me, as a father with the opportunity to work with my children on what they can access on their mobile phones, when and for how long. Having Family Zone pre-loaded on all Alcatel devices being launched into Australia is an extension of my concerns as a parent, and our desire to help provide more peace of mind to Australian families.

Alcatel had a big showing at Mobile World Congress this year, announcing the Alcatel 1, 3 and 5 handsets with great features, which will be launching from the middle of this year with very sharp pricing including the sub-$100 Alcatel 1. With such great features and pricing, the new range of phones are going to be a hit with families, with kids sure to be receiving one of these new phones.

The focus on keeping kids safe on-line is a big focus in schools these days, with the Family Zone suite adopted by a number of educational institutions to protect children online while they’re in class.

The new deal between Alcatel and Family Zone and will see parents offered the option to download and install the Mobile Zone suite from Family Zone onto the smartphones as part of the setup process. Mobile Zone offers a range of features that allow parents to restrict access to websites, and social media (including the camera), as well as restrict access to purchasing and downloading apps and games (or using in-app purchases). The app also allows parents to restrict screen time, setting windows when the phone can be used – and if the kid tries to uninstall the app, parents will get notified ;).

The Mobile Zone app is available across platforms, with apps available on Mac and Windows PCs, and Chromebooks, with mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. The service isn’t free, though you do get a 1-month free trial. It’s effectively $5.95 per month if you want to use it beyond that.

Parents with children will be able to get a lot out of the Mobile Zone suite, but if you’re simply purchasing the phone for yourself – and that $99 Alcatel 1 is definitely on my radar – you can simply choose not to install the software.

There’s a lot of positives here, with Family Zone a leader in the cyber protection of children, and offering parents tools to keep their kids safe is always a plus. With the option to not install it yourself if you don’t want it, there’s really no downside. If you’d like to check out Family Zone, you can head over to their website at or install the app from Google Play.