The Files Go app from Google is getting a new update today with features including Search, Duplicate File information and more.

The app update was outlined on the Google Blog, as well as showing new features in the change log for the app in Google Play.

The new features include a search function that works both online and offline, simply open the Files tab and tap the search icon to start a search. The search results can be sorted by Name, Date Modified (default) or Size, with searches narrowed down by fil types including Audio/video, Documents and images.

Duplicates can also be more easily found, with the locations shown when you tap the “i” icon when you receive a notification.

Though not outlined on the blog, Google has listed ‘Get smarter notifications with higher relevancy’ on the Play Store ‘What’s New’ entry. This is likely related to the new notification you’ll get when your photos are backed up. Once backed up, you can delete the photos to save space on your device.

Files Go is getting quite good, very fast. Though Google has never included a fully fledged file manager in Android, it’s becoming apparent that this would make a very good alternative to the current, very limited file manager currently on offer in Android.

Do you use Files Go?

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Files Go.
Via: Google.
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    I did use it, but all i got were notifications about apps I should uninstall. I thought i could actually use it as a file manager to copy files from a SD card (via OTG), but at the time it didnt have that functionality, so I uninstalled it and went back to Solid Explorer