Google Assistant is becoming more and more useful every week with a view to make our lives easier. Google have today announced that for those in the US Google Assistant can now keep track of their IOUs.

From today users can now ask their Google Assistant to either send or request funds from their contacts. With a simple “Hey Google, request $50 from Dan for stuff” or “OK Google send $50 to Dan for other stuff” Google Assistant will then use Google Pay and Google Wallet to complete the transaction.

The contact the IOU is directed at will receive an email, text message or notification (if they have Google Pay installed) which will then take them to the transaction. At this stage it is only available on Android and iOS phones but will be coming to Google Assistant smart speakers in the coming months.

Of course, as is Google’s want, the service is only available in the US (for now) but we certainly hope it arrives here in Australia. We wouldn’t expect it any time soon as Google are attempting to make headway with the banks and Google Pay and to introduce Google Wallet to Australia may prevent that.

One day it will be here and I for one hope it is sooner rather than later — it will certainly make those small transactions between friends easier.

Source: Google Blog.
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Ty Quinn

Between now and its arrival in Australia, may I suggest Splitwise and just set up PayID with your bank. IOUs are extremely easy to keep track of in Splitwise, and when it’s time to settle up with a friend, PayID is as simple as sending money to a mobile number or email address, and it’s instant. Couldn’t be easier.


Wonder if there’ll be a restriction for how much you can request………

*requests $1mill from friend*