Telegram is celebrating their achievement of having 200 million active monthly users with an update, bringing Sticker Search and Multi-Shot Sending.

The 200 million monthly active users statistic has come in a relatively short amount of time, with Telegram achieving the feat in under 5 years after launching in August 2013.

The latest update (v 4.8 for iOS and 4.8.5 for Android) brings iOS users up to parity with Auto-Night Mode, and adds in a great new feature for users: Multi-Shot Sending.

Multi-Shot Sending allows users to take & send multiple photos or videos with the tap of the ‘+’ button. From testing, it appears you can send one video, then add on a number of pictures once you take the first one.

Also included is improved sticker discovery (Why are all these services obsessed with stickers?!). In Telegram you can now search for stickers in the stickers window, simply scroll up in the sticker panel to find the new search field.

The update is available in Google Play now, so if you’re a keen Telegram user download it and try it out.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.