Google are not keen on non-certified companies distributing their apps on devices for compatibility and security reasons. After a device passes the Compatitibiltiy Test Suite it is certified to be pre-loaded with Google’s apps (GApps). If a device fails this suite or doesn’t not even attempt it it is not allowed to be pre-loaded with Google’s Apps.

Google today have provided a statement to Android Police commenting on this process:

Certified Android devices offer users consistent experiences when using apps from Google and the Play Store, as well as various security benefits through Google Play Protect. We acknowledge that some manufacturers are building and selling devices that have not been certified by Google. Please see the website for more details.

In the past Google has let this slide but now has begun to crack down on uncertified devices pre-loaded with GApps with a warning popping up on uncertified displays. Unfortunately for the custom ROM community this is occurring on devices running a custom ROM but Google have, in a show of how much they value the community, have allowed custom ROM users to register their devices to be able to run GApps.

Credit: XDA Devleopers

The pop up on the display lists the web page to go and register your device where all you have to do is submit the Android ID of your device and you are free to use all the GApps you want.

To find the Android ID of your device all you have to do is open an ADB shell and type in settings get secure android_id. If you do not have ADB setup there are a myriad of apps on the Play Store which can tell you the Android ID.

The CTS suite is there not just for compatibility testing but also for the security of users. It is good to see Google tightening the reigns on it while at the same time providing a work around for the thousands of custom ROM users out there.

Have you come across this error? Were you able to register your device and continue using GApps?

Source: XDA Developers.