Vodafone has today announced a new streaming video service in partnership with Netflix called Vodafone TV, that runs on an Android TV set top box.

The new Vodafone TV device and service is being offered as the company expands their NBN services into five new markets. Vodafone TV will be available from April, and will be offered to customers signing up to their top two NBN Plans, which start at $79.

NBN Plans:
• Vodafone Basic (nbn™ 12 tier): $59
• Vodafone Essential Plus (nbn™ 50 tier): $79 (eligible for 12 month Netflix subscription on a 24 month plan)
• Vodafone Premium (nbn™ 100 tier): $99 (eligible for 12 month Netflix subscription on a 24 month plan)

Vodafone will be including a 12-month subscription to Netflix’ standard offering for customers signing up between now and June 30.

The device has full access to Netflix, as well as other apps and games available through Google Play on Android TV. The set top box has been custom designed for Vodafone and includes 4K compatability, with Google Voice-Search built-in.

A free-to-air TV tuner is also included as well as dual-band Wifi and ethernet port. The remote includes access to Netflix and Youtube with a single click.

Full Specs:

  • Quad-core 1.5 GHz Amlogic S905D
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8GB on-board storage
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • DVB-T
  • Android TV 7.1.1


Vodafone general manager, fixed Matthew Lobb said

Our great partnership with Netflix coupled with the Vodafone TV device providing easy access to the Google Play Store, further demonstrates our understanding that Australians want technology to work for them, not for their telco.

Vodafone is entering a rather crowded market of streaming video services in Australia with Optus and their FetchTV service, Telstra and their partnership with Foxtel and Foxtel NOW and their Android TV Puck – though with the restrictions on Netflix on the Foxtel device, the Vodafone TV device has a clear advantage.

Ben McIntosh, Vodafone’s Consumer Business Unit Director says the traditional subscription models continue to restrict consumers’ choice and freedom.

We’re not going to maintain the status quo by buying up content rights and building walls around it. We don’t think it’s fair that Australians are being locked out of access to content they want to watch.

Australians want fast and reliable broadband, with the freedom to watch the content they love when they want. This is exactly what Vodafone is fighting for.

The Vodafone TV box will be available for $5 per month over 24 months which can be added to the plans, or for a one-off upfront fee of $120. We’ll be checking out the Vodafone TV box when it arrives in April.

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    Geoff Fieldew

    Yikes, only 2GB of RAM & 8GB of Storage! Can the network port be used with a NAS device?


    That’s expensive.


    I like how its Android so you can load in your apps. Unlike TelstraTV