OnePlus have confirmed in recent days not just the presence of the OnePlus 6 but also it’s name. They have opened up forums on their website dedicated to the OnePlus 6 suggesting that an announcement is imminent.

In a post on the OnePlus 6 forum CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the specs that will be housed within the OnePlus 6 and explained the reasons behind them.

Beyond building the best possible Android phone, what other value can we create for smartphone users? We believe a truly “burdenless user experience” can transcend the current norm. In experiential terms this means the phone functions just the way you expect it to, without lag or disturbance. In design terms, a focus on beauty in simplicity, with no unnecessary features added.

With the title of the thread “Our Pursuit of Burdenless Speed” it is no surprise that their 2018 will be packed to the brim with high end specs. There will be the expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 along with 8GB of RAM and a whopping 256GB of onboard storage. To take advantage of this hardware they have created a team within the R&D team called Team FSE (Fast, Stable, Efficient) whose sole focus is to wring every last bit of power out of their devices.

If this wasn’t enough to tempt you there has been a OnePlus 6 teaser posted on the Indian OnePlus Facebook page which has now been removed. We all remember the Star Wars, the Last Jedi – themed OnePlus 5T which was sold in very few places — now, according to the teased video (see below), it seems there will be an Avengers themed OnePlus 6. Both Star Wars and Avengers franchises are owned by Disney so it would not surprise us if this was a thing.

Avengers: Infinity War is released at the end of April and with the hype surrounding the OnePlus 6 building quite fast now it would not surprise us if OnePlus announced their phone at the same time, just as they did for The Last Jedi.

The Limited Edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T was an amazing looking, themed, and packaged device (yes I have one) so I cannot wait to see what they do with an Avengers themed device. I for one will definitely be buying one, especially with the expected price of around the $700-800AUD mark. Anyone else?

Source: Android Central.
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Shannon Robbie

Grey import it. Costs a lot less. I did it with my oneplus 5.


Shannon do you mean Drew? Not grey? Haha

Paul Miller

What retailer did you use to import yours and what set up did it have – a lot of the 1+5Ts I’m seeing for sale have had to have been specially flashed for a non-Chinese use.

it would be good to get some decent feedback across the board on the reliability of ‘grey import’ suppliers.

Drew Freyling

Do we know if this will be available in Australia yet?

Adam Templeton

hopefully, they care about us, and we get a REAL release this time. :/