It’s been nearly five years since Google Play Gift Cards first arrived in Australia, and they’ve maintained a similar look with a few minor tweaks. It looks like Google is going for a complete revamp of the design though, with new style of cards arriving now at Woolworths, and there’s a new Lords Mobile Gem promo to go along with it.

The new deign departs from the cardboard cards that originally launched, going for a plastic card that’s still attached to a cardboard backing that lists the value of the card – $20, $30 and $50 denominations, though there’s still the load and go option that lets you add between $20-$500 on a card. It’s a crisp, minimalist new design with just the Google Play logo and the words ‘Google Play’ written in the bottom right corner.

As part of the launch, Google and Woolworths are also offering players of the game ‘Lords Mobile‘ a special deal with bonus Gems being offered when you redeem a Google Play Gift Card. There’s varying amounts of gems being offered based on the value of the card you purchase:

  • $20 Gift Card – 600 Gems valued at $10
  • $30 Gift Card – 1200 Gems valued at $15
  • $50 Gift Card – 2500 Gems valued at $25

The offer is valid for the length of this catalogue which runs through until next Tuesday the 10th of April, so head in store if you want to take advantage.

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense
Lords Mobile: Tower Defense
Developer: IGG.COM
Price: Free+
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    Adam J

    Google seem to be really pushing the in-app content and purchases at the moment. Note the discount offer that pops up when you cancel out of an IAP, the Easter game IAP promos, and now this.