Good news everyone, the Oreo update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has begun rolling out to handsets in Australia.

I can confirm our unlocked review unit is in the process of receiving the update, and a tip from Ausdroid reader Adam who says his handset which was purchased through Virgin Mobile is also receiving the update.

The Oreo update has been rolling out for a while, with handsets in the US starting to receive their Oreo update just a couple of weeks ago. The update, which is 1.02GB in size, includes Android 8.0, as well as Samsung Experience 9.0, which brings you ‘exciting new features from Samsung and Google based on feedback from users like you’, including picture-in-picture, adaptive notification dots and the 1st of March Security update.

At this stage, Vodafone has listed the status of the Oreo update for the Galaxy Note 8 as ‘Testing Scheduled’, while Telstra has ‘No recent update information available’ on their update page. Optus has advised the update has begun rolling out as of the 3rd of April.

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owner, go to Settings > Software Update and hit the ‘Download updates manually’ button to check.

Thanks to a tip from @JSB_360 on Twitter, it looks like Telstra are pushing out the update to their handsets now – go get it! A tip/warning though, if your Wifi stops working, restart the phone and it should be right again.

Have you received the Galaxy Note 8 update on your handset? Which carrier? What do you think?

Thanks: Adam.
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    Just Upgraded on Vodafone. Fast install & Now finishing update in the background – So I can use the phone.

    Mark Smith

    My floptus Note 8 received it yesterday

    Steven J

    Just updating my Note 8 on a prepaid Telstra sim.


    Is that an unbranded Note8? I’m assuming you didn’t buy it Telstra?

    Steven J

    Hi Ray, yes brought it outright.

    Anthony Klun

    I’m kind of spewin’ as I purchased a Telstra Note 8 and have not been able to flash the XSA firmware like the older handsets and losing the Telstra branding. Using an Optus sim, I have lost VoLTE and WiFi calling. Looks like Telcos are locking down to their own…

    Jack Bauer

    Get branded version of phones in Australia is a really bad idea.


    What Android phones takes 8 months to do, iPhones can do in their sleep. 8 months to wait for Oreo is just ridiculous.

    Right now, Oreo distribution is barely 1.1%.

    Get Your Hand off it

    At least Android gives feature parity to all devices receiving the update. iOS devices the older they get lose features – they may get the latest version of iOS but it’s missing headline features.

    Android devices all receive behind the scenes updates via Google Play Services as well.

    Luke Roberts

    This is not really correct… the deletion of functionality in iOS for older phones is due to hardware limitations – eg fingerprint scanner, camera functions or processor / RAM capability.

    This is exactly the same in Android. It just appears more obvious in iOS as they support handsets for much longer – eg up to 4 years. Thus the “hardware” gap is more pronounced – meaning the no. of features that older phones miss out on is greater than commensurate Android phones as generally they are only supported for 2 years.


    Let’s hope this situation improves dramatically over the next few years as the impact of Project Treble is seen with new devices. Doesn’t help those with older handsets though.

    Luke Roberts

    Yeah – technically this should be the case… but with some-one like Samsung, I do not see it being so. They have such a heavy overlay and they will still want to update for a new version of software, that I do not think it will magically happen in 1 month or too due to treble. The testing should be much quicker… but it still will require a hell of a lot of programming to update a release of Samsung experience… Take for example Sony… their Oreo update for XZ Premium was out in November… not because of Treble..but because… Read more »


    I think it’s great news for Note 8 owners and Samsung owners in general but sad when I’m still waiting for the 8.0 update on my Moto Z Play. I remember the old days when Motorola used to get the updates out first, those days are gone and is one of the reasons I’m considering an S9+

    Luke Roberts

    Yeah… as soon as Moto was purchased by Lenovo, you kissed goodbye to timely ( or any really ) updates.


    I’ve had 2 Oreo updates on my S8+from Virgin, major update was 3 weeks ago… Everything works

    Tom Sekulic

    hmmm, I’ve only had one: Oreo upgrade for my Stock XSA S8+. What was the 2nd update for?


    it was a few days ago, around 90MB. Phone says ‘security patch level 1 March 2018’

    Tom Sekulic

    Really interesting as I’m on March 2018 security version too after a single update. That explains why the XSA (unbranded Australian version) was delayed: to integrate March update.