Avengers: Infinity Wars is going to be a massive event movie this year, and the tie-in branding is apparently set to include an Avengers themed OnePlus 6 handset which will be sold in the UK.

News of the Avengers: Infinity War handset first surfaced earlier this week, after a teaser video was posted (and then removed) on the OnePlus India Facebook page.

The OnePlus 6 Avengers themed handset has been further confirmed, with Deadline reporting that the phone will launch as part of a $150 million marketing push that will include tie-in products from a number of companies. The Deadline article says :

OnePlus smartphones in the UK are coming out with their own Infinity War edition, which includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. It’s a banner phone storage-wise for the OnePlus line.

The appearance of the video on the OnePlus Facebook page in India indicates that the phone will head to multiple markets, but given OnePlus’ reticence to officially launch here in Australia it’s likely you’ll have to resort to shipping forwarders to grab one.

OnePlus have previously worked with Disney on a branded edition of the OnePlus, launching the Star Wars: The Last Jedi branded handset in December last year. That handset sold out quickly, so if you want to get one of these models, you’ll probably have to get in fast.

There’s no dates for launch of the standard OnePlus 6, let alone a branded movie tie-in model, but given The Avengers: Infinity War opens in cinemas on April 25th, it hopefully won’t be too long before we see both standard and branded versions.

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Source: Deadline.