It’s been some time since we last saw a major update to the ABC iView app, but it seems that’s on the horizon now with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation seeking beta testers for a new iView app.

The call for beta testers is out on their iView support page, calling on both Android and iOS users to test the app, saying

Beta testing a new iview. We need your help

We’ve been working hard recently to rebuild our iview mobile apps, both to upgrade the code and make it easier to find the information and episodes of your favourite programs. We’re getting pretty close and before we send release the new apps to everyone, we’d love help in beta testing the new app versions before we launch.

The requirements for testing the app are that you’re in Australia, and running at least Android 5 (Lollipop) or higher on your Mobile or Tablet (yep, they’re looking for users of both) – or if you’re into iOS they’re after iPhone or iPad users running iOS 9.0 or higher. You’ll also be required to provide feedback on the app, presumably on usability, features and stability.

If this sounds like your jam, you can sign up to be considered for the beta by signing up via their Google Form here. Hopefully the new update includes a more stable Chromecast protocol (and maybe even merge in the iView Android TV app).

ABC iview
ABC iview
Price: To be announced
Source: iVIew Support.