OVO Mobile has today announced a new plan in their mobile broadband plans tailored specifically for data hungry users.

OVO Mobile has always been on the ball when it comes to offering more data for your dollars on their mobile broadband plans, introducing a 100GB plan late last year. Now, OVO Mobile are upping the ante offering a massive 150GB of data for use over 30 days for $89.95.

The OVO Mobile network operates on the Optus 4G network, and OVO sees a greater uptake in data use in their younger users says OVO CEO Matt Jones

If 2018 has told Australia telcos anything, it’s that we as consumers expect more data for less. More than 60 per cent of OVO’s customers are under the age of 28. We’re talking about a generation of renters who grew up on mobile, and typically leave home each day with a variety of connected devices they expect to be able to access wherever and whenever they go.

The plan includes the option to purchase a mobile WiFi device – a Huawei E5573s Wifi hotspot – which offers up to 6 hours battery life, and can connect up to 10 devices to your WiFi network simultaneously on the go. The modem will cost you an additional $59.00.

If you’re just signing up for the plan OVO will send the SIM for free, but if you want the modem you’ll be up for an additional $12 for AusPost shipping.

To check out the OVO Mobile deal, head over to the OVO Mobile website for more information.

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    I used the OVO 100gb for home internet in Melbourne CBD for a few months (my apartment can’t get NBN or even ADSL at the moment). I love what OVO are trying to do but it was a pretty frustrating experience as there’s just way too much congestion on the Optus network to deliver anything over ADSL1 speeds consistently.
    I switched over to Vodafone recently and speeds are considerably better and more consistent in the CBD.