Let’s not forget about LG. They may have cancelled postponed the release of a brand new flagship earlier this year but they do have something up their sleeve, the G7 ThinQ.

Android Headlines have managed to get their hands on a render of the LG G7 ThinQ in all of it’s colour variants. The image shows that the G7 ThinQ will bear a striking resemblance to last year’s G6 with the round fingerprint sensor on the back but this time the dual camera is situated vertically on the rear of the phone — the two cameras were horizontally next to each other on the G6.

The front of the device looks extremely similar to the G6 but this year, just as with all other manufacturer’s phones, the bezels are smaller. The lower bezel which was already small is smaller still and the top bezel looks to be halved in size with the inclusion of their notch. The notch appears to be wider than that on the OnePlus 6 which may indicate it will have more sensors or a second front-facing camera inside it.

The five colours shown are apparently: “Aurora Black,” “Platinum Grey,” “Moroccan Blue,” “Moroccan Blue (Matte),” and “Raspberry Rose.” At this stage of course it is unknown whether all colours will make it to all markets but we seriously doubt it.

There have been some decent releases so far this year and there will be a few more in the next few weeks. It is an exciting time for us phone geeks with so many decent phones being released.

Will LG be able to hold their own against the best of them or will it sit on the shelves, constantly overlooked? What do you think?

Source: Android Headlines.