OnePlus 6 leaks are coming thick and fast. Just yesterday we saw renders leak showing the three colours of the phone and also the different coloured alert slider. Today there is “confirmation” of the design of the back of the phone as well as a good look at the front display.

Overnight GSMArena found a Weibo post showing a render of the OnePlus 6 with a DxOMark label on the image. The render shows the entire front display, up close and personal. As you can see below the notch is the smallest we have seen this year (well, obviously equivalent to the OPPO R15), absolutely minimal side bezels and a shrunken bottom bezel. At the top there is a small bezel, if it could still be called that, with a notch. The notch includes the front facing camera, the notification light and the earpiece.

We can see the buttons in the same place as they are/were on the OnePlus 5T with the power on the right and the left housing the alert slider and the volume rocker.

Overnight an extremely short video surfaced showing the notch in action — although it does not show the hiding of it that will be possible with the software according to Carl Pei. It really does not give much extra information but does show that the notch is small and doesn’t obscure much at all.

Slashleaks also managed to find another Weibo post showing off a OnePlus 6 case. It “confirms” the location of the fingerprint sensor and cameras so that should mean that the renders we have seen previously are in fact accurate.

The OnePlus 6 shaping up to be a monster of a phone: it will likely be powered by a Snapdragon 845, have 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and have up to 256GB of onboard storage. There will be a dual rear camera and will run OxygenOS, one of, if not the best manufacturer ROMs available.

The OnePlus 6 is set to be announced in the next few weeks and you can bet that we will be all over it, especially with an Avengers variant on the way.

Are you champing at the bit for this to be released? With it unlikely to be released here are you willing to import it via a grey market importer or will you give it a miss for that reason? Which version will you be getting and will you be hiding the notch or showing it off?

Source: Weibo.
Via: GSMArena.
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Adam Beydoun

I hate all the complaining about the notch, I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. I like the ways it could be implemented, And I think it is a great idea if they keep it minimal like the Oneplus 6 design. I do also like how they will do what Huawei did and allow you to black out the top bar. I think that Oneplus wouldn’t put it on a phone based off fan’s feedback unless they had figured out how to implement it elegantly.
I am a fan 🙂


Not really a fan of the notch , i like huawei’s P20 approach of at least giving you a choice of having it or not .
The notch really is not my cup of tea , if it was permanent on a device i was interested in , that device would be crossed off the shopping list .
Any bets on whether the one plus 6 will be sold in Australia or not ?

Paul Michalak

Really hope they do eventually sell it here as I got the OnePlus 5 here and it still works awesome and I was told it sold well. I will still get one but will have to be the 8GB version as I think that’s the best thing about these phones.


I just hope this notch fad ends soon, Xiaomi have proven that you can have a full screen display and still have a camera without the need of a notch by placing the front camera on the bottom bezel of the device (obviously the idea is to rotate the device when taking a selfie), not ideal for everyone but still convenient enough if you rarely use the front camera but have access to one if needed without compromising on the full screen display….



This needs to stop.


Ever tried to read ebooks on a phone with no bezels? So many accidental page turns. I end up holding the phone by the top/bottom bezels just to avoid it, couldn’t do that on this thing. I guess the pro-notchers will just say I’m holding it wrong or the software needs to be “fixed”. The software was fine until they messed with the form factor.