There’s a common misconception that prepaid phone plans are just for drug dealers and kids. This wrong for two reasons: drug dealers don’t text, they use Signal; and prepaid plans are better value than you think.

Sure, there’s plenty of cheap prepaid plans around, but inclusions are getting larger all of the time. Better yet, they’re fool-proof. Since they have a hard cap, you can’t get caught unaware by excess fees. This is perfect if you’ve got a fixed budget you want to stick to. And let’s be fair, they really *are* great for kids.

If you’re after a big data prepaid plan, TPG is a good place to start. The telco has is currently offering 12GB of data for $24.99 per recharge, along with unlimited talk and text. This offer is valid for your first six recharges, after which point you’ll pay $39.99. But since it’s prepaid, you can always change provider at that point.

TPG’s prepaid recharges last for the entire month, rather than a fixed-day term. TPG’s mobile plans are powered by Vodafone.

Boost is another good choice if you want a lot of data. The telco’s $40 recharge gets you 15GB with unlimited talk and text, and data-free Apple Music. Better yet, any unused data gets rolled over to your next recharge. Boost is powered by the Telstra network and sells prepaid on 28-day recharges (which equates to 13 renewals per year).

If you grab a $40 starter pack before April 23, you’ll get it for half price.

If most of your mobile data usage comes from video streaming, Optus’ 28-day recharges now include an additional 10GB of “streaming data” which can be used to watch content on Netflix, Stan, and ABC iview without using your plan’s standard allowance. As it stands, you’ll get the 10GB bonus on every recharge you make up until September 2.

And if you’re after budget prepaid plan, amaysim is a good choice. You’ll pay $10 for 1GB of data and get unlimited talk and text on a 28-day recharge on the Optus network. Alternatively, Lycamobile has similar inclusions on the Telstra network, or Lebara gives you an extra gig and a longer 30-day expiry for an extra $4.90 per recharge.

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    Dan Murphy

    Personally, I use Kogan mobile. For $36.90 I get unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It also includes 32GB of data. It seems to be a special deal for people on 30 day recharges for the ‘large’ plan. Once you start recharging for 90 and 365 days, data drops to 16 GB. If you want more data, on either of the 90 or 365 day plans, they have the Extra Large plan which includes 23 GB of data. Kogan operates on the Vodafone network.


    I was on Boost Mobile 28 day plan and I remember that if you did automatic payments you would pay the same rate but be on a monthly 30/31 day (prepaid) plan. I think they still offer this option.