Instagram is adding a new portrait mode they’re calling ‘Focus; to their app for selected Android devices, allowing users to incorporate that sweet, sweet Bokeh effect into their pictures.

For those unfamiliar with Bokeh, it’s the depth of field effect you get which allows you bring one subject in a photo into crisp focus, blurring the other objects or people in the background.

If you want to check it out, Focus is available in the camera UI in Instagram when you tap the camera button in the top left. Scroll along the mode selector at the bottom of the camera UI and select ‘Focus’, once the camera detects a face it blurs the background and you can either tap to take a photo or tap and hold to record a video. You can still add filters, stickers and text to the pictures and video before posting them to a story, or sending them through Instagram Direct.

The blurring is pretty decent, but it’s not available for every Android phone with Instagram saying it’s only available for ‘select Android devices’, though they haven’t listed which Android devices are included. Instagram says it’s been added in version 39 of the app, and so far shown up on the Pixel 2, but not the HTC U11 Life for me, both of which have updated to version (I’m on the Beta). I’ve asked Instagram for a list, but if you’re an Instagram user, update to the latest version in Google Play and see if you can see it.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+
Source: Instagram.
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    Damon Smith

    Showing up on the Essential Phone


    Got it on Pixel 2 XL. Works very well!