Samsung have one smash hit on their hands this year already with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ but are looking to have another one later in the year with their next flagship release, the Galaxy Note 9. Rumours of the Galaxy Note 9 are starting to appear now that the heat from the Galaxy S9 launch has cooled down.

Two new rumours have appeared today regarding the Galaxy Note 9 — it will may have a 6.4 inch display and a 4000mAh battery.

The big question surrounding these rumours is how will Samsung be able to fit that within a Note-sized phone without making it larger – most would agree it is large enough as it is with the Note 8. Of course Samsung could and most likely will shrink the bezels down even further than they had on the Note 8. It is unlikely they bring a notch into the equation given that they did not for the Galaxy S9 and the bezels on that were tiny.

Then you have the size of the battery as well (which is rumoured to be between 3,850 and 4000mAh). How could they pack in a battery with an increased size without removing something? Well, how about if they did away with the fingerprint sensor on the back? Rumours have surfaced that Samsung are looking, and are having some success, with the positioning of the fingerprint sensor under the display.

Of course we are just speculating about all these and although the rumours have come from reputable sources all companies test many prototypes before settling on a final design. With the Note 9 not set to be released for another six months there is plenty of time for them to change the makeup of the device. The rumours may be true and Samsung will just make the device bigger to fit them but with other companies now bringing under display fingerprint sensors to market it would not surprise us if Samsung did the same with the Note 9.

One thing for sure with six months until release there will be a lot more rumours surfacing between now and then so we will most surely learn more. Stay tuned to Ausdroid and we’ll continue to bring you all the latest rumours.

Source: MMDDJ.
Via: SamMobile.
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Joshua Hill

Just make the device 0.5 – 1mm thicker to accommodate a decent size battery again. When the note series first launched they had two day battery life. Never been a note owner myself but if I was I’d be disappointed with Samsung’s more recent direction of offering barely 1 days battery life. Seems like a regressive step to me.


Sounds alright , 6.5 ” display and big battery would be awesome .

Joshua Hill

I feel like maybe the note should go back to a 16:9 display giving extra width and allowing a slightly bigger diagonal while taking up the same height as the Note 8.

Having said that I have a 18.5:9 sized display and really like it although I think my 5.8″ device is too tall. Keen to see Sony’s new compact xz2 phone in person.


Yes a bit more width would be nice for those of us with big hands and fingers .