While some banks are still trying to direct their customers to use their custom Tap & Pay solutions, ANZ bank has started advising customers they are shutting down their ANZ Pay app, directing users to use either Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

ANZ Bank has been fast to offer their customers options for using NFC to pay for things, first launching their own Tap & Pay app in 2016. Since then ANZ Bank was a launch partner for AndroidGoogle Pay, and also offered Samsung Pay to their customers fairly early on.

With Samsung Pay and Google Pay surging in popularity, ANZ has advised that it’s the end for the ANZ Pay app, advising customers via email, and through the app that as of May 14th this year, ANZ Pay will no longer work.

While Google Pay works with any smartphone with NFC running Android 4.4 and above, Samsung Pay does require a compatible Samsung Galaxy phone or Gear smartwatch to work, the list of devices includes:

With support for all the major Tap & Pay solutions – Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay – ANZ Bank has been on the forefront of giving their customers options to pay for things with their phone. If you were a fan of the ANZ Pay app, it’s time to try out Google Pay or Samsung Pay and see what you think.

Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay

Google Pay
Google Pay
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Thanks: Anthrox.
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    Joshua Hill

    Hath hell frozen over?

    Now if the other Aussie banks would follow suit…


    Hey NAB….

    Dennis Bareis

    I never once had ANZ tap & pay work. I don’t have any issues with Google Pay.


    yeah it was useful hopefully these feature will come to Google Pay as this was demo a while ago for Android Pay http://fortune.com/2016/05/19/android-pay-bank-of-america-atms/

    Swetha Kodumoru

    only benefit of ANZ pay app is that u can tap ur phone at anz smart atm to withdraw the cash in emergency (buying stuff from $2 shop)