Across Australia kids are either on, or about to start school holidays. Keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays can be a chore sometimes, but Google Australia has announced a new range of holiday related experiences that might just help.

There’s some cool new stuff for Google Home included in the new update, including games, learning experiences and help with keeping their minds active while they’re on holidays. You can even use Google Home to entertain the kids while they’re on holidays in the hopes you can stave off the inevitable boredom or fighting. Google has listed some commands for you to try:
Play ?

  • “Play Lucky Trivia for Families”
  • “Play Musical Chairs”
  • “Play Musical Statues”
  • “Let’s play a game”

Learn ?

  • “Play ABC Behind the News”
  • “Help me with my homework”
  • “Tell me a fun fact”
  • “How do you say “Let’s have crêpes for breakfast” in French?”


  • “Let’s make ANZAC biscuits”
  • “Play Kinderling Radio”
  • “Read The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill”*
  • “Tell me a joke”

The new update has begun rolling out now, and Google Australia is also promoting the Google Family Link accounts you can setup for your kids (if they’re 13 or over), that can then be associated with the multi-user feature on Google Home, which lets the speaker recognise the voices of up to 6 people.

Source: Google Australia.
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    The family link function doesn’t seem to be working you get to the meet [person] assistant screen and you get nothing when you press next