Overnight, Lenovo has announced the cheapest Moto Mod yet for the Moto Z smartphones, with the Moto Stereo Speaker which is retailing for USD$59.99 (approx AUD$68.12).

The Moto Stereo Speaker comes with a built-in kickstand and dual 28mm stereo speakers inside the mod. As the Moto Mod does connect to Moto Z smartphones, the only downside is that it relies on the phone as a source of power and doesn’t have a separate charging method.

That said it does help to keep the price low, enabling the Moto Mod to be more accessible price wise to the masses which is where Lenovo/Motorola have signalled their intention and shows the company is wanting to increase its Moto Mod’s focus on mass market mods that will be popular among many, instead of more niche mods it’s worked on before, such as its gamepad and camera mods.

Whist focusing on more accessible Moto Mods to the masses, it comes at a time when Lenovo/Motorola announced the company’s engineering team allegedly suffered layoffs last month.

The Moto Stereo Speaker mod comes in 3 colours such as blue, black and red, and is available for purchase from Motorola’s USA website for USD$59.99 (approx AUD$68.12) and it is unclear whether the Moto Stereo Speaker will become available to us here in Australia but we have reached out to Lenovo/Motorola here for comment.

Source: Motorola Moto Mods (USA) - Moto Stereo Speaker.
Via: The Verge.