It was 2016 the last time that artist Andrew Bell unveiled Series 6 of his Android Mini collectibles, but it’s time with Series 7 set to launch in May 2018.

The new series called ‘Robot Revolution’ will launch in May according to the image shared on the Dead Zebra website. As with previous series, the new generation will be a combined effort from a number of artists, which Andrew has listed on the site, with the description reading:

Inspired by the open nature of the namesake O/S and based on the ‘mix-bot’ concept by artist Kong Andri, this new Android mini collectible series takes remixable robots to the next level! Featuring artwork from Google, Andrew Bell, Chuckboy, Patricio Oliver, Loulou & Tummie, Kong Andri and Scott Tolleson!

Internal connectors and swappable components let you create your own unique combinations.

The revolution begins May 2018.

The Series 6 box of 16 Androids sells for $144 USD, and Series 7 should be priced similarly. You’ll also have to factor in shipping if you’re looking to grab a set as well.

We’re hoping to see some teases of upcoming Androids from the set in the lead up to the launch so stay tuned.

Source: Dead Zebra.