We have seen rumours of Samsung working on a foldable smartphone concept, the so-called ‘Galaxy X’ which may be released this year. There have also been rumours that Huawei were working on one but now more details have emerged hinting that Huawei will have it ready by the end of this year.

Korean tech website ETNews is reporting that Huawei is developing a foldable smartphone that folds inwards as opposed to the Samsung version that will fold outwards. The display is set to be an OLED display manufactured by LG and will have a curvature of 1R with a transparent polyimide coating giving the display a hardness comparable to glass.

Huawei are set to announce the phone in November of this year and from there determine the reaction of customers before ramping up production. They are also expected to include several specialised apps to take advantage of the curved display — it wouldn’t surprise me if they produced an API to allow developers to easily create apps to use the curvature.

Personally I am unsure of the use of a foldable smartphone but it is an innovation that companies obviously want to explore. There are many things they could do with a smartphone for sure but will it be better than what we currently have?

What do you think? Fancy a clamshell smartphone?

Source: ETNews.
Via: XDA.
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Will this be the Huawai version of the Nokia Communicator?! ;^)