Google announced that they were working on a wireless Android Auto solution way back at Google IO 2016. Now nearly two years later it is available for users of certain devices.

Overnight Google announced via the Android Auto User Community that wireless Android Auto using a direct Wi-Fi connection was now available. At this stage it is only available to the following phones:

  • Pixel or Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL
  • Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P

To set it up the user will require a “high-quality USB cable for initial setup” but once set up your phone will connect directly to the Android Auto headunit via Wi-Fi. At this stage the feature is available only to device in North America with “additional device support coming in the future”. Whether this means that it will roll out to other countries soon we do not know.

As for the support of wireless Android Auto headunits in the US JVC and Kenwood both have aftermarket units available to the public. Pioneer are looking at launching theirs in the coming weeks.

We reached out to Kenwood earlier in the week and were told that they were unable to add the wireless units to their current lineup but are looking to add this in future variations of the headunits. We will of course keep badgering them for updates throughout the coming months (They do have the non-wireless HD headunit available, DDX9018DABS, for those looking for a high quality aftermarket head unit. We are looking at reviewing it very soon.). Pioneer are yet to launch their new range into Australia but we have reached out to them for more details.

For more phones to be added to the list the manufacturer will need to add support into their software so given the state of manufacturers and updates we don’t expect to see it any time soon.

It is good news that it is finally here (albeit not in Australia yet) but it is disappointing that it cannot be automatically switched on for all phones at once. Hopefully Google come up with a solution for this in the near future. I am looking forward to checking it out when it arrives here.

Anyone here also use Android Auto? Do you want a wireless solution?

Source: Android Auto User Community.
Via: Android Police.
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Android auto was promised as “coming soon” for my suzuki, but it only launched with apple carplay. After learning that AA required a cable plugged in I lost interest as I don’t want to get my phone out of my pocket when I drive. Bluetooth is fine for me, once I fixed android’s inherent stupidity in choosing a source (by default it chooses the last app to use audio, which lead to youtube, vlc and even firefox audio starting up sometimes, when I just wanted google play music, thankfully the app Bluetooth Connect and Play saved my sanity). AA wireless… Read more »

Jonathan Cheng

I used to use my cable for AA every time I drive and as a result my Usb-C port has worn out. Now AA rarely works at all. The phone won’t even charge properly. I have to adjust the angle of the cable for it to work, but as soon as you hit a bump you lose connection. I’ve tried changing to various new cables so it’s definitely the phone’s port that is defective. So a wireless AA will definitely be useful for me.

Sean Dwyer

In most cases I use the usb cable to charge the phone anyway whilst streaming music and using either Waze or Maps GPS. Wireless would make it convenient for short trips.