The reboot of classic 60’s TV show Lost in Space hit Netflix last night, and to promote the show, Netflix and Google have teamed up to launch a game on Google Home.

The game is similar to the Stranger Things game which launched last year to promote the second season of that show last year. As with the Stranger Things the Lost in Space game is a choose your own adventure style game that starts off with the crash of the Jupiter spaceship and then begins offering you choices letting you interact with the shows cast including the Robinson family to help them get the Jupiter back into space.

The famed Robot from Lost in Space is also present in both the show and the game, though it looks markedly different in the rebooted show. It still carries the ‘Danger Will Robinson’ catch phrase though, so there’s that.

If you’re in the mood to continue your Lost in Space fan journey after you’ve binge watched all 10 episodes of the show, then this could be a bit of fun – and it should help you finish the game a bit faster. You can check it out now on Google Home by saying “Hey Google, play the Lost in Space Game”.

Source: Google.