As we head into Autumn, the northern hemisphere warming up with Spring and the Google Instagram account took the opportunity to share some Spring themed wallpapers as part of their Instagram story yesterday.

The sharing of wallpapers isn’t anything new for Google, but it’s fun for anyone who enjoys changing their wallpapers regularly. The one fun part of the wallpaper dump was the inclusion of a wallpaper with Popsicles – an obvious tease as a name for the tasty treat for Android P, but we really doubt this is anything more than a tease; still, fun right?

Google shared six wallpapers in total yesterday, which 9to5Google managed to capture and share in Google Drive. The files are each around 1MB in size and measure in at around 1,440 x 2,700 pixels, so they’ll fit a high resolution screen quite nicely.

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There’s a history of Google teasing the upcoming name of their OS, so Popsicle is almost certainly not going to be it. We’re still pushing Pavlova as our preferred tasty treat, but we’re doubtful.

If you’re not following Google on Instagram you should probably do so to see what other teases come our way in the coming months.

Source: Instagram.
Via: 9to5Google.