Google’s AIY Projects have so far consisted of a Voice and a Vision kit, but they’re getting an overhaul today with Google announcing revamped versions are heading to retailers across America.

The AIY projects are simple Raspberry Pi powered projects that are powered by Google’s AI, with a Google Assistant like smart speaker in the Voice kit, and a more advanced version that uses image recognition in their Vision AI kit. Google is overhauling the kits for sale in Target in the US.

Since launching last year, Google has received ‘continued demand for the kits, especially from the STEM audience’ who see value in the kits to further education.

The kits will include a new Raspberry Pi Zero WH, as well as a pre-provisioned SD card, and all the connectors and boards required to build the kits. The kits are showing on the Target US website, with the Voice Kit priced at $49.99USD, while the Vision Kit is priced at $89.99USD.

As you can see, the re-packaged kits are pretty slick looking, with all the bits and pieces you could need to get up and running.

To go along with the launch, Google has also released a companion app for Android on Google Play. The Google AIY Projects app helps you to configure your project once it’s assembled.

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While they’re initially available at Target in the US, Google is looking to make these kits available globally with the company saying ‘we’re working to make them globally available through retailers worldwide’. If you want to be kept up to date, make sure you sign up to their mailing list for more information.

Google AIY Projects
Google AIY Projects
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Developers Blog.