LG is making a big, continued push with artificial intelligence, and another product of that development has been announced today – the LG ThinQ Google Assistant Speaker, combining premium sound with Google’s industry leading Assistant technology.

LG teamed up with Google to ensure the new speaker delivers all the conveniences that come with having a digital assistant at your side. Combine this with the High Resolution Audio from Meridian Audio, and users will have smart speaker benefits with powerful sound quality to match.

Meridian Audio adds a huge bonus in 2018, lifting the audio game and directly benefiting the LG ThinQ Speaker.  The innovative audio enhancements by the UK-based company, deliver an impressive listening experience. As an initiator of high-performance, high-fidelity audio, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and psychoacoustics, Meridian Audio is equipped with a high level of performance technology; this includes its bass and space technology so that listeners hear rich, uncompromising sound. No matter where the listener is seated, sounds seem warmer and far more immersive, even from wide seating positions.

On the partnership with LG< John Buchanan, CEO at Meridian Audio had this to say:

Our exciting partnership with LG will enable more people to rediscover and fall in love with their music again – and also explore the benefits of sound when viewing content.

Every detail in these products has been analysed by Meridian’s expert engineers. The combination of our unique technologies and extensive high performance system tuning ensures the listener can enjoy an unsurpassed audio experience.

LG Australia’s Angus Jones had this to add:

We are continuing to push boundaries and this year, it’s through our new partnership with audio experts, Meridian. The integration of Meridian Audio into the range creates incredibly impactful and realistic sound and gives new meaning to what’s possible when it comes to audio experiences in the home.

Our first smart home connected speaker is one of the stand-outs in this year’s range – the LG ThinQ  Speaker – which aligns with our focus on AI and with our mission of improving the day-to-day lives of Australians through forward-thinking technology.

LG’s ThinQ Google Assistant Speaker (WK7) will be available in Australia from $299, though a release date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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Really Impressive Sound… I guess this is best sound quality speaker in the Smart speaker category


Impressive price considering the promise of exceptional audio quality. I think I will hold off on my Google Home purchase until this one comes out.