Samsung Dex Pad for the Galaxy S9/S9+ now available in Australia for $149

After a small wait, the new Samsung Dex Pad for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ has arrived in Australia and is now available to order for $149.

The new Dex Pad is an upgraded version of Samsung’s Dex dock, which launched with the Galaxy S8/S8+ last year. The Dex Pad enables your phone to give you a ‘desktop-like experience’ when attached to the Dex Pad, with your phone able to be used as a trackpad whenever it’s attached. The Dex Pad has dual USB ports and a HDMI port to connect a keyboard and Mouse – if using the phone as a track pad isn’t your thing.

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As well as being compatible with the Galaxy S9/S9+, the phone is also able to be used with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy Note8.

You can purchase the Dex Pad from Samsung Australia directly through their website, or Telstra has it listed on their website as well for the same price.

Last modified on 16 April 2018 10:49 pm

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  • Will this work with the Otterbox Defender case on the Note 8? I really like the idea of the Dex but refuse to use my phone without a case and to remove the case continually just to use the Dex.

    • I believe Chris or Jason are getting a review unit, and I'm pretty sure they have an Otterbox case so I'll get them to test it. As per Tibb So below, a short extension may be an option if it doesn't, but we'll find out shortly.

      • Did a bit of a search and found that even a short cable extension caused some degradation of signal and some users lost USB functionality on the DeX, but using a small extender adapter seemed to work fine.

    • With the Dex 1 and my S8+ I used a short USB-C extension cord so that the phone didn't need to sit in the dock and wouldn't need to be removed from it's case. You could probably do likewise with a Note 8 and the Dex 2 but if you don't really care about using the phone as a touch pad you could probably pick up a 2nd hand Dex 1 for half the price on the usual sites.

  • Bit annoyed that when I plugged the S9+ into the Dex 1 the touch pad briefly come up on the screen but then disappeared. Haven't tried to bring it back yet but will be pissed if Samsung has made the touch pad a Dex 2 only feature so as to shift the new model.

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