The upcoming new series of Android Mini’s from Dead Zebra which has been titled ‘robot revolution’ will have a new twist on the 3″ minis, with Andrew Bell, the artist behind the Android minis showing a tease of deconstructed Androids.

The ‘robot revolution’ Androids will launch in May, featuring designs from artists including Google, Andrew Bell, Chuck Boy, Dead Zebra Inc, Loulou & Tummie, Kong Andri, Patricio Oliver and Scott Tolleson, though from the looks of the deconstructed robot design you may be able to mix and match from all the designs. Check it out:

There’s no date for the release beyond ‘May’, nor any pricing though previous series consisting of 16 Androids have sold for around $144 USD, and this series should be priced similarly. Shipping from the US to Australia will also have to be factored in if you’re interested in this new series.

We’re hoping to see more teases of the Androids in the robotic revolution in the lead up to the launch.

Source: +Andrew Bell.