The new series of Android Minis from Dead Zebra has the Android collector community in a tizzy, and today we’re starting to get our first close look at the 15 unique new designs (and 2 variants) that will feature in the upcoming ‘robot revolution’ series that launches next month.

First up is Mix-Bot-04 from veteran Android artist Kong Andri, this colourful number is going to be available in Series 7 boxes in a 1/16 ratio, so you’ll have no trouble getting a hold of him. The Mix-Bot-04 Droid has neat rounded ends to his antenna making him a little more distinct than your average Android mini.

The next Android to get a look in is the ‘Retro V1950′ which offers a more classic look, with the ’50’s era teal/seafoam’ colouring. Shown off yesterday in the mix-n-match GIF that showed off the modular concept of the robot revolution series, Retro VI950 is a Google created edition which will appear in a 1/16 ratio in the Series 7 boxes.

We’ll be seeing more of these previews over the coming weeks, with the robot revolution set to launch at some time in May. They’ll be available through Dead Zebra, but also through retail partners around the world – though their former Australian retail partner has since stopped stocking them. We’ll let you know when, and how much you can get them for when they’re announced.

Source: Dead Zebra.