We’ve previously written about the 4TFY VPN offering and their Kickstarter campaign. 4TFY has now progressed from crowd-funded startup to functioning business, and is still offering some great pricing. The headline feature is that for for US$99 you can get a genuine lifetime VPN.
For those of you who want to compare apples to apples in terms of the offering, there’s a lot to like starting with the fact that 4TFY has a no logging policy. Further, with the endpoints in place, 4TFY offers high availability and – from the testing I’ve done on a friends connection – the service is fast and has no data limit.

4TFY has clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and (of course) Android. 4TFY’s service allows customers to protect up to 10 devices on a single account.

There’s a great guarantee from the team at 4TFY in their lifetime offering being “genuine lifetime” as the company has gone to the expense of purchasing all the equipment required. This means that there is no reliance on external parties to maintain the hardware delivery requirement for their service.

For people looking for a simple wrap up of the important bits:

  • 4TFY VPN allows you unthrottled access to Torrent sites so you can download and seed linux distros to your heart’s content, with no concern for bandwidth consumed.
  • You can access BBC, Hulu, Stan and most other streaming services. Much like the other VPNs on the market, though, there’s a never ending struggle to maintain accessibility to overseas Netflix.

Reed, a 4TFY staff member commented to Ausdroid that:

“Like all VPN providers we are in a cat and mouse game with Netflix. We are certainly winning this battle overall and pride ourselves on always being two steps ahead. We will always to our best to ensure Netflix and other services are supported through our service.”

In discussion with Reed, we’ve also had some discussion around the jurisdiction of the company, what is safe, what is not and why.

‘Safe’ Jurisdiction means that the company is based in a country that is outside of reach of European / American / Chinese investigative authorities. As you can imagine, basing your VPN in the United Kingdom, and needing to abide by UK laws, is generally unfavourable. Basing yourself in Panama or the BVI means that we can essentially tell any third parties who request 4TFY’s assistance to ‘take a walk’.

If you’d like to know more about 4TFY, or jump onboard given the solid price they’re offering – you can check out their site.

Source: 4TFY.
Thanks: Reed.
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Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely lifetime? No ongoing fee?


For those looking for a link to the deal, you can find this here: https://4tfy.me/lifetime


Or you know, look at the Source: link at the bottom of the article.


thanks, I come here from RSS so the /amp/ version of the site has no Source: link


Where’s the link to the deal? Their website has no such offer ?


Hi mate, you can find the deal @ https://4tfy.me/lifetime


Thank you.