Aside from the fame and of course the fortune that comes with writing for Ausdroid the best thing is getting to check out new tech products first. Now OnePlus are giving users a chance to do the same and use their new OnePlus 6 before it is released to the world.

OnePlus have opened up their Lab. The Lab is where users test out the phone and essentially help iron out the bugs in the software. Sounds like hard work doesn’t it but for those reading this it could be worth it.

While OnePlus would love to hear only good things about their phone they told us last year that they want to hear everything, the good and the bad. Way back with the OnePlus 2 OnePlus started believing their own hype and believing they could never fail — they lost their way and did not listen to the punters and as such the OnePlus 2 was a very disappointing device and was a miserable failure. Since then they have taken a different approach and try to listen to what their fans want and the results of doing so speak for themselves.

For those who want a chance to check out the next OnePlus flagship you will need to head over to the signup page and fill out the form. Although it seems to be only open to countries where the OnePlus is officially sold (officially ruling out Aussies) I suspect there would be a chance of being chosen by using a mail forwarder in one of the acceptable countries. The acceptable countries include the US, UK, India, Germany and Canada. There is of course the option to choose “other” and enter your own country (which I did).

Once chosen OnePlus will have a range of tasks for each user requiring you to answer in a brutally honest manner. Those not answering the questions and performing the tasks required will be have to return the device and give up their spot to the next person in line. Anything you create or write during the Lab can be used by OnePlus in any manner they choose. Once the Lab has finished those chosen will get to keep their Lab OnePlus 6.

If you are interested head on over to the OnePlus 6 Lab signup page and complete all the questions asked of you. Signup ends at 10pm EDT (US) on May 2nd with winners announced by 10pm (US EDT) on May 12th. If you think you have what it takes to write “unbiased, unfiltered” comments and reviews on the OnePlus 6 then why not give it a shot and head on over and signup for a chance to try the device before anyone else.

Source: OnePlus Forum.
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Why waste the effort on a company not interested in selling to us.

Chris Rowland

I wouldn’t say it’s a lack of interest in selling to us. It might just not be the preparedness.