Customers on Telstra’s Cable broadband network are already pretty fortunate – they’ve got now (and have had for years) some of the fastest Internet access available in Australia, and though the NBN is now offering fast access to many more households, Telstra’s Cable is still pretty good (especially where the NBN isn’t available yet).

Good news for Telstra’s Cable customers today is a free speed increase, to customers on both the standard speed tier, as well as those who pay extra each month for higher premium speeds.

From today, customers on Telstra’s standard Cable speed (typically about 30Mbps downloads and 1Mbps uploads) will see a speed jump to 50Mbps downloads and up to 5Mbps uploads. That just about doubles the potential download speed, and more than quadruples the upload speed, too.

Customers who selected Telstra’s “cable speed boost” or premium speeds can already achieve well in excess of 100Mbps downloads, and for those customers, there’ll be no change in download speed, but their uploads too will now jump to up to 5Mbps as well.

The move follow’s Telstra’s move to ditch the NBN Standard speed tier, offering customers access to the NBN Standard Plus (50 Mbps / 20 Mbps) speed more broadly and for the same price.

To get the faster Telstra Cable speeds, customers need only switch their modem off for a few minutes, and when it reconnects to the network, the new speed profile will be loaded and you should see faster speeds. If you don’t, get in touch with Telstra’s customer support to find out what’s going on.

What can you do with all this new-found upload speed? Backing up your photos to the cloud is a great idea, and if you’re storing lots of valuable content locally (e.g. documents, scanned things, photos, music, videos, whatever) you’ll find uploading them at 5Mbps is significantly faster than the 1-2Mbps Telstra offered previously.

Let us know if you’re a Telstra Cable customer and whether you’ve found the new speeds on your service yet.

Source: Telstra.
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Yep I am seeing it now already! 117.40 down and 5.27 up!!


called Telstra and they are telling me that this is not true and that customers still have to pay for speed boost. even tho my upload speed went from 1 mbps to 5.22. So what i don’t understand is how can the speed upgrtade be correct yet the Telstra part not charging be wrong?


While 5Mbps is still *slow* it’s going to have a noticeable effect given I work from home. Just rebooted and getting 115 down and 5.2 up. Sweet!


Worked! Thanks for the heads up. ?

Andrew Lyons

I was in Paris over the Christmas holidays and was getting 300mbps downloads on cable there, while 4k video streaming Netflix on 2 different TV’s, so yeah…. Long way to go.