In the lead up to the launch of the seventh series of Android Mini figures from Dead Zebra, we’re getting a sneak peek at the Droids in what’s called the ‘robot revolultion’ series. We saw Mix-Bot-04 and Retro V1950 in part 1, now we get to see CatBot and BeatBot 1200.

CatBot is the work of artist Chuckboy, a grey Cat like Android with cute cat ears instead of antenna. Catbot will be available in a 1/16 ratio in this grey colouring as well as another, rarer colour chase variant which may be orange based on the clue of ‘Mondays do not compute’ <cough>Garfield</cough&gt.

Next up, from the man himself, Andrew Bell, is BEATBOT 1200, a DJ-inspired Android with built-in equalizer pattern on its body and funky metallic head. The Beatbot 1200 droid also comes with tiny headphones to complete the DJ look. Beatbot will be available in a 1/16 ratio, so you’re guaranteed at least one per box.

The robot revolution series will launch in the Dead Zebra store and partner retailers around the world in May. We’ll see more of these previews before release, so if you’re a keen fan of the Android Minis (like we are), check them out.

Source: Dead Zebra.