After teasing the game last August, Next Games has finally launched their new Augmented Reality (AR) game based on the hit TV show, The Walking Dead onto Google Play.

The Walking Dead: Our World is location based and is one of the first built using Google Maps, a new feature from Google announced at the recent Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Utilising the ‘Built with Google Maps’ tech isn’t the only new feature being used in the game. The Augmented Reality mode in the game differs from other notable AR games like Pokemon Go, with The Walking Dead: Our World using Google’s ARCore for devices which support it.

The game sees you teaming up with your favourite characters from AMC’s hit show including Rick, Daryl, Michonne and more. You have to fight to survive, killing walkers, finding weapons and competing in weekly challenges for rewards. You’ll also have to build shelters and clear walkers from your area.

The game does incorporate in-app purchases ranging in price from $1.69 – $159.99 per item, but as we’ve seen from other AR games like Pokemon Go, you don’t always have to purchase anything to have fun, and progress through the game.

It may be available to download and install, but unfortunately it looks like it’s having a few teething issues, much like the other runaway AR game success, Pokemon Go, with most people unable to load it. Once installed, you’ll get a splash screen before a failed to launch screen.

It’s likely just a lack of servers which Pokemon Go also suffered at launch, but they scaled up and over came that hurdle, so hopefully Next Games can do the same. If you want to join the fun of attempting to load the game, head over to Google Play and download it now.

The Walking Dead: Our World
The Walking Dead: Our World
Developer: Next Games
Price: Free+
Source: Google Play.
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    Its not aviable in all countries


    What is the gameplay like? Going to portals/pokestops?