Fitness fanatics in Australia and New Zealand are today getting access to a new Alexa Skill, the third-party apps created for Amazon’s digital assistant, which will let them check in on their daily Fitbit progress.

After linking the skill to their Amazon account, Fitbit users will be able to check a number of different things including how many steps they’ve taken, how much sleep they got last night, active minutes, calories burned and more.

Amazon and Fitbit say you can check on all these things without checking your tracker or Fitbit app. Of course raising your wrist to check your stats, or pulling out your phone to check your app is just extra fitness, but it may be easier on Fitbit trackers without readily accessible screens.

Amazon says users with multiple Household profiles can switch between to check on multiple Fitbit accounts once they’re linked, so it’s worthwhile setting that up as well.

To link your accounts you can do it on the Fitbit Alexa skill page on the web (Note: there’s an issue with Chrome at the moment), or you can search for it in your Amazon Alexa app on your Android (or iOS) device.

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