We’re getting closer to the launch of the seventh generation of Dead Zebra’s Android Mini ‘robot revolutions’ series, and this week we get to check out three new entries in the series.

First up, from veteran Android mini artist Scott Tolleson we get to check out the construction ready SPT-74 Android figure, which is decked out in bright yellow with a neat looking visor over his eyes. The three part droid will split like the rest of the robot revolution figures, making for a great addition to your mix and match collection. A single SPT-74 will be available in each case of 16 Android minis, so keep an eye out for him.

Next we see ‘Chompsky’ from the man behind Dead Zebra, Andrew Bell, with this dangerous looking droid whose jagged teeth look ready to munch anything. The metal looking silver coloured droid has a small green drool problem, and has ‘riveting’ highlights around the triple sectioned body. You’ll again be able to find one of these in each case of 16 Androids you buy in the robot revolution series.

Finally, this time from Google, is CLEAR/R, a silver highlighted clear Android that looks pretty basic until you see the droid mixed and matched with other colour highlight options from the Robot Revolutions series. There will be one CLEAR/R droid in each case of 16, but you may need another couple to make the awesome looking creation below.

The release of the robot revoution series is coming in May, we’ve now seen seven of the droids to be included in the series and there’s likely to be a couple of rarer variants we won’t see until the cases are released. We’ll see more of these previews in the lead up to launch so keep an eye out.

Source: Dead Zebra.