As part of their Gmail redesign announced overnight, Google has also announced a revamped web tool for Tasks, and at long last an Android (and iOS) app.

The new Google Tasks is designed to work in concert with both Gmail and Google Calendar on the web, allowing you to manage tasks on the go. Tasks created from Gmail are also linked to the email message you created it from, allowing you faster access to the source of the task. This means you can view it in the app, or in the new side-bar view in the Gmail redesign.

From the app, you can create task lists, as well as view, edit, and manage tasks. You can add details to a task, or break a task down into sub-tasks, making a big job easier to complete by breaking it up. You can set due date for tasks and organise tasks by date or priority to see what needs completing first. There’s also easy drag and drop navigation to make organising tasks easier.

Google has listed this new Tasks app as a GSuite product, which means it likely isn’t going away any time soon. Google has also added the option to integrat AI into the Tasks app so employees can get ‘data insights and analysis’.

You can try out the new Tasks app by installing it from Google Play today

Google Tasks
Google Tasks
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    How’s this different to Google Keep that I have been using for a while without any issues?


    I was wondering the same thing. Is this a replacement to Google Keep, or is it another duplicated app that Google wants to sit alongside existing apps?, eg. the half dozen messaging apps.


    well keep is a notes app, and this is a task management app.

    Chris Rowland

    As a starting point, it’s really good, but for it to replace Todoist for my (and Ausdroid’s) needs, it needs an API, and it needs to offer team task lists. Without that, for me, it’s mostly useless.


    So is there any kind of Google Assistant interface to Google Tasks?


    Finally. I can now get rid of gTasks.


    It’s nice that they’re starting to take Tasks more seriously, but this is really rudimentary and needs a heap more work. You can’t even set a reminder yet!