When Google unveiled their Android Oreo statue in New York (and at the Googleplex) last year, the event was catered by Mondelēz International, the company who owns the Oreo brand. They supplied limited edition Oreo cookies, with an embossed Android on one side, and the familiar Oreo design on the other. Mondelēz International never released these Android cookies to the general public, so…we made our own.

I’m not the worlds best 3D-modeller, in fact I probably would struggle to make anything in 3D, so I did what everyone else does in these situations – I got someone else to do it. In this case it was a 3D modeller on Fiverr called Sazzid who did the work for me, simply based off some sample pictures I sent.

The results are pretty good if I do say so myself. I had some printed up through a local 3D printing service I found using 3DHubs. The colour isn’t quite right, but PLA is a strange beast, but it looks good enough for me anyway.

I’ve been pretty slack about sharing the resulting files, but I have finally gotten around to doing it. For those with a 3D Printer, or want to get theirs printed locally you can find the STL file over on Thingiverse, or if you want to be lazy – sort of like I am with my 3D printing – you can find it over on my Shapeways store alongside 3D scans of me.

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    I prefer the ones I can dunk in my cuppa 🙂